The LV OCAD is a bar attachment system providing indirect retention to prevent extended saddles to lift off the mucosa, resulting in a very high degree of comfort to the patient.

When the OCAD bar is assembled with the OCAD housing, rotational movement around the axis of the round profile of the bar is only possible in the direction of compressed tissue.
Lift-off forces of the extended saddles are prevented by a contact surface between the OCAD housing and the bar.

The contact surfaces between the OCAD housing and the OCAD bar (4°) guarantee ease of insertion, lateral stability and occlusal comfort.

For extra retention and stability, OCAD attachments can also be placed on an extended bar and do not interfere with the resilience of the prosthesis by reducing the round profile of the bar by 0,3 mm.

OCAD space maintainers are provided for simple processing.

The OCAD housing has a notch on the occlusal surface to indicate the labial side.

The OCAD processing clip is oriented with the short leg towards the notch.

The female riders are available in three retention forces and are easily exchanged.
OCAD housings and female riders are available in 
5 mm and 3 mm lengths.

Contact Nobil Metal to obtain a STL file of the OCAD bar profile.