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NOBIL METAL more than 60 years serving the Dental Market

NOBIL METAL has always been dedicated to the Dental Technician Market. Since the beginning in 1950 , the company's core business has been focused on dental alloys and accessories: PFM, C&B and Universal alloys, pre- and postsolders, and some specialties like atomized powders,  wires, strips and plates. 
The real highlight however are the solders with incorporated flux, a well-known and much appreciated range, distributed worldwide by NOBIL METAL.

The complete production cycle is entirely carried out within the company: research and development, user acceptance testing, production as well as packaging. The materials amongst other alloys used for the production of the components are equally fully manufactured and assembled in our own production department (bars and laminates of various sections).
You will find the production of CNC milling machines with 5/6/10 axes – in this catalogue. Every detail is controlled with spectrophotometers, microscopes - metallographic and SEM, profile projectors, micrometers and no-contacts systems.

Today, our continuous investment in R&D and production departments, combined with our effective, efficient and economic approach, allow to offer a highly interesting proposal with an unique and significant value for money on the market.

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Free STL file available to model and view complete and secondary structures for the main CAD modeling software.

CAD/CAM libraries


Since 2017 the STL files for the CAD modelling software Dental CAD by exocad are available on request. Starting with the 6654 Valletta 2.2 release, the library is available in the software and can be selected directly from the menu.

Download library


Attachments LV files available for DWOS modelling software

Download library


Attachments LV files available for the Dental System modelling software

Download library

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